7mm pinfire box

Hello Everybody,

I have here an empty 7mm pin fire box/tin from RWS and would like to find out how old it is.
Also other info is welcome.
What would such a box be worth?
measurements are:
72mm by 26mm and 21mm high.

Many regards rené

They misspelled Lefaucheux.

Hello Aaron,
I hadn’t seen that before now, do you have any idea of when this box was made?

Regards rené

Well, I believe it was made between 1886 when RWS was founded and 1931 when they became part of Dynamit Nobel.

In 1894 they moved to Fürth, a district in Bravaria, so it was also probably before 1894 as well because they started putting “Made in Bravaria” on the boxes as shown below.

[color=#BF0000]Click for Larger Version[/color]

Also, they must have realized they could not spell French names, so they just switched to “pin-fire.”

Are you sure about the " Bravaria " spelling ?? M. Rea

no, that was a typo. “Bavaria” would be the correct spelling. It is spelled correctly on the boxes pictured that I indicated the writing came from.