7mm - T A P - Headstamp


Hello everybody,

Just went through a ‘still to check out’ bin and found a 7x57 Mauser cartridge of which i could not read the headstamp. After cleaning this became visible.

At 12: 7mm
At 3 : - (about 4mm)
At 6 : T A P
At 9 : - (about 4mm)

The case is regular 7x57.
The bullet a RN tombak jacket lead core with lead showing.
Any help please?



I got that round, with a GM FMJ bullet, at least 8-10 years ago, from Bill Woodin I believe. The info at that time was that it was a 1950s Brazilian contract for Pakistan. I never understood a need in Pakistan for anything in 7x57 Mauser, but due to the source of the info I put it in my records anyway. Perhaps someone has some different information.


Let us go to basics: Without a year date, it is most likely a “commercial” or “Sporting” cartridge. TAP could be either an Importer in Pakistan, A goverment organisation (?T?A.Pakistan?) or even ( not likely) the cartridge maker in Brazil (if the source is correct.)
Being in the early 50s, it fits in with Pakistan’s recent formation in 1947 ( separation from India (British) at Independance.

7mm ( or “.275 Rigby”) was a well used Hunting Cartridge in the “old Raj” by both British and Local hunters alike, especially in Mountainous regions. Possibly teh new pakistan had a Game Department armed with Rigby/Mauser 7mm rifles???

THis is all assuming the “Brazilian Connection” is correct…

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


All good theories…let’s see what pans out.


Interresting, i believe i got it from the UK about 10 years ago along with some other hunting cartidges used in India. The connection to Brasil is weird.


This was shown as an ‘unknown’ in the ECRA bulletin 516-10 in 2008 and I don’t remember seeing a response but perhaps someone else does ?

I would like to see a real hs image rather than a drawing if that is possible ?


Here is the photo on behalf Scally


The curved lines at the 3 and 9 O’Clock positions provide excellent evidence that this cartridge is, indeed, Brazilian, manufactured by CBC (Compania Brasileira de Cartuchos) of São Paulo.

Since the 7 x 57 mm cartridge was a standard issue round in Brasil for a time, I would suggest, for someone interested in this caliber, that they contact the Institute of Criminalistics in the same city, or in Rio, and see if they can identify it. The “TAP” initials might be in Portuguese and representative either of a Pakistan contract or of some special unit of the Brazialian Armed Forces or Police. Cartridges are known from CBC headstamped specifically for the Brazilian Navy and the Brazilian Air Force, for example, in various pistol calibers.

Just a thought.

John Moss


Thanks for posting the hs image. It can make identification much easier.

I agree with John, this looks like CBC manufacture not unlike their standard 7mm Sporting hs - see www.Municion.org


Thanks guys, definitely looks CBC. Hope someone will find out the meaning of TAP. Great,thanks again.