7mm UMC Pinfire Box and Cartridges


I picked up a new box that I have been looking for for awhile and thought I would share it with you all.

After the Civil War UMC became a company and started making pinfire cartridges in 7mm, 9mm and 12mm.

The 12mm and 9mm cartridges are common and easy to identify because they have the “U” headstamp.

The 7mm cartridge has no headstamp so I found a box and will post the dimensions of the cartridges to make it easier to identify.

Click any of the images to see a super-sized version!

The cartridge is brass with an over-all length of: 22.22mm
The case length is: 14.81mm
The base diameter is: 7.85mm
The pin diameter is: 1.6mm

I would love to see some pages from some early UMC catalogs with their pinfire ads and prices and maybe images if anyone has some?