7mm? Weapons in Syrian war?

I read an article online yesterday about “British” Jihadists in Syria. It showed a screenshot of a message one of them had posted on twitter about being ambushed by fighters from another group. It said he had “4 ak’s and a 7mm” stolen by them.

Does anyone have any idea whether this could be correct about any kind of 7mm calibre weapons in circulation in that area? I suppose some sort of old bolt-action Mauser in 7x57 could be possible, but I have never heard of this calibre having much use in the Middle East. It could also be an incorrect name for 7.62x51, 7.62x54R, .303 British, 7.65x53 Turkish Mauser or 7.92x57.

Obviously the reliability of the source was very questionable, but who knows.

Falcon, as you say; “questionable”. For Syria also add 7.5x54 MAS and 7.62x45 as a possibility.

Hardly any user in these environments knows what ammunition he or his enemies are using.

I’d also say 7,92 x 33 mm Kurz is a possibility, considering the vast amount of old StG 44s found there recently.

Going back to 1895, Persia (now Iran) bought M93/95 7mm Mausers from Germany, and the 7mm was a common Persian Gulf Calibre before WW I (I have a Haenel M1907 Kar88-7mm Carbine, taken from an Arab slaver in 1911 , by the HMS Philomel ( Lt.Hicks RN) on anti-Slavery patrol in the Gulf. ( all those British protectorates)

Although 7,65 Turk and 7,9mm are both Post-WW I calibres still common in the Middle East today (I was Just reading the Book by “Glubb Pasha” ( founder of the Arab legion) and the Frontis-piece Photo shows Bedouin Desert Patrol Horsemen in Iraq with Gew98s of Late manufacture (??Mauser 1918?) with Donut and other Mauser Turkish delivery characteristics.).

Another calibre used in the Arab Revolt of 1917-18 was the 6,5mm Japanese ( T30 and T38 rifles supplied by Britain to T E Lawrence rather than SMLEs, in order to keep some sort of “Gun control” on the unruly Arabs ( 6,5 ammo was difficult to get outside British official channels.)… so by now any existing Japanese rifles would have been converted to decorations or scrap iron…

So a “7mm” Mauser is not beyond possibility, but unlikely…more possible a 7,65 Turk ( Carbines were especially prized by the Arabs) or a 7,9 of some design or other. Maybe a “Jeem” maked Kar98k???).

Doc AV