7mm x 49.5mm FA 48 Any info please

I am looking for some info on a cartridge for a friend see photos below, I have found a bit of possible info but could do with a bit of help.

The dimensions are 7 x 49.5 which would make it the 7mm HV but I didnt think the US did the HV I thought it was only the 2nd optimum and the compremise, so any help would be great thanks
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Sometimes called the 7x49.5 NATO the 7 mm / FAT1E2 served as a U.S. test of the British bullet = the Type B ball bullet in a F A 51 headstamped variation had a magnetic cored gilding metal jacketed bullet with green tip.
I’m not aware of .48 dated cases being used, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t.

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My understanding is that Frankford Arsenal loaded the .30" FA-T1E3 case necked down to accept the British green-tipped .280/30 Type B bullet. As it was originally a 51mm caselength, in addition to being necked down, the caselength was also reduced it in length to 49mm. This effectively made the case into a 7mm Compromise. The US called the cartridge the 7mm FA-T1E3 and I have pictured my example below. However the case profile is not the same as Richard’s cartridge which has a much more pronounced shoulder angle. To my eye Richard’s cartridge looks to be a .30" Light Rifle T65 and this would also fit with the headstamp. However, the bullet does not look like a .30" T65 to me but without measuring the bullet its very hard to call.

This .280 cal. ball load without color tip and F A 48 headstamp is mentioned in HWS Vol. III p. 418 as “reportedly loaded by Dominion Arsenal, Canada, using cases furnished by FA, but not confirmed”.