7x26mm Cane thin rim?

Hi all

can someone help me to confirm this is a 7x26 Cane thin rim?

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Hi scrap:
About ECDV, the correct denomination of this cartridge is : 7 m/m Sabarcane paper shot, thin base (rim).
The primer is type battey cup (6,45 m/m diameter=0,253 inch).

Really thank you!! I was looking for information some time about this uno and now I can properly label it.

Taking advantage of the topic, what is the designation for these other units:

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These are special loads of the Günther Sarbacanne.

Here is a link to more info


Two of these firework loadings of this case have the unusual case crimp which looks like a Karcher primed but is not. One comes from a packet (see Images) produced by an unknown company : “Btee (patented) G & Company, Paris” which is evidently neither Gaupillat or Gevelot. Shown as for Sarbacane and believed to have been produced by/for Günther & Co so maybe “G” means “Günther”.

Re the first one in this thread (with the Green paper case), this is really a " 6.45mm Battery cup Sarbacane" often called “thin rim” but the Günther type with the “inverted primer” is also a “thin rim” type. So that term doesn’t help distinguish between the two types. These 6.45mm Battery cup Sarbacane are early and unlike almost all Sarbacane cartridges don’t have a patent associated with them to my knowledge.

Here’s an image of some more " 6.45mm Battery cup Sarbacane" :


really thank you for all these information! much appreciated