7x43.4mm "RG 49 280/30" water damaged

This round came from a table with a lot of humidity damaged stuff. I think It is blackened in its original state. If I am correct about “blackened”, then what does it mean?
scan0076 !

I am unaware of a blackeded 280/30 variation for whatever that is worth and this does not appear to have been originally blackeded, The line across the case along the bottom side shows original surface While the bullet and upper portion of the case show black crorrosion.

As far a blackening it is an even color usually chemically applied.
here it is on the front of a .303" grenade launching blank.

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Your cartridge appears to have been submerged in water for a lengthy period of time. Which based on having the right conditions (in proximity to rusting steel/iron) can blacken brass & copper and cause the spotting you see. Also note the random loss of bits of primer seal and the roughened look of the remaining primer seal has. Another indication this round spent time submerged under water.


PS: Note the iron oxide deposits in and around the " 19 " in the headstamp which further point to this cartridge being submerged in water with steel or iron items.

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I fully agree with Brian.

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Yup, black but not “blackened”.

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Blackwater… These M43 emerged after cleaning a watercourse into the fields. Headstamps are from 1977, 1985 and 1987, IK

. I don’t know when they were thrown away (probably to get rid of them) but I think they were submerged for some pretty long time as the previous cleaning happened five years before.

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