7x44 Weibel and 7mm DISA comparison

Left to right

  1. 7mm Weibel
  2. 7mm DISA
  3. 7mm DISA

A previous discussion on the 7x36mm DISA: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13483


DISA = Danish Industri Syndikat A/S, formerly Danish Rifle Syndicate A/S (Dansk Rekyl Riffel Syndikat A/S), formerly Compagnie Madsen A/S (Madsen machine guns etc.). Is this correct? Yes.

7x44mm Weibel (7x44mm Danish). Danish experimental for the Weibel M/1932 LMG, circa 1932 - 1936? Yes.

PS: Answered my questions with the article The 7 x 44 Danish Cartridge for the DANRIF Automatic Rifle By Philippe Regenstreif, IAA Journal #444, pp 26-27. The 7x44mm Weibel = 7mm Madsen Long, 7mm Danish or 7mm Danish Long.

First picture I’ve ever seen of the Weibel round, thanks!

Here’s a factory case drawing to return the favor:

Are those three cartridges headstamped? Any chance for photos of the headstamps if so?

Left to right (headstamps)

  1. Plain no h/s
  2. K 30
  3. NORMA Re 7

Thank you for the info. It would still be nice to see the actual headstamp of the “Norma Re 7” headstamp. Is the “7” right after “Re” or is it centered at the bottom of the headstamp? My intuition tells me it would be off-center at the bottom, with the modifying name (such as " X 57" or “MAUSER” ground off of the bunter. That’s why pictures are so much better than typing a headstamp on line. I have to use the latter here because I have never mastered posting a picture to the forum, and don’t wish to make my friend’s crazy with too many requests for help in that regard. Still, a picture IS better.

I can only get you guys a drawing of the 3 headstamps.
I had a lot of correcpondence with Petet Labbett back in the 1990´s concerning Madsen cartridges.

Dane - thank you!

Are the Weibel and DISA/Otterup related? They seem to use the same projectile.

Looks a lot like the 7mm BR