7x46 rws

I just returned to the IAA after 15+ years. Building a business, getting married and having an awesome 5yo boy has taken up all my time. It’s just recently, I started collecting again still focusing on 7.92x57.

My first post is:

Does anyone have information on the experimental 7x46 RWS Ctg.

I have the following (pictures to follow)

Pmk hs: N (12 O’clock)
Break apart? hs: N (12 O’clock)
break apart? hs. N 8 x 46

Thanks and happy collecting.


Devin, welcome back to the fold! I can’t forget a fellow MA boy and your visits to Williamsport. I hope you’ll be able to make it down to our PA shows.

Thanks it is good to be back, I will definitely make it to Williamsport and hope to make it to St Louis in 2013.

Don’t forget Morgantown (formerly Denver), PA!

Vidar Andresen identifies it as a Polte experimental. See Page 176. Bill

Here is the DAG drawing from 1936 and a sectioned P.m.K.

Just wondering why the third sample is headstamped " 8 x 46 " and not " 7 x 46"

A spurious headstamp?

Pivi, these are necked down.

I just noticed that 8x46 load looks like it has a modern day de-burring on the case moth.

Thank you for all the info.


Is that an AP core in you sectioned picture, or something different?


Yes, it is a “PmK” what would be an “API smoke tracer”.

Thanks EOD!