7x53 Kortnek "DM 1896 F. y A."


It measures about 7.2x53.5. Is it 7.5x53.5 Schmidt-Rubin Mod. 1890? What is F. y A.?


Short story…I believe you have what is known as a 7mm Kortnek. Surplus brass and bullets were put together to feed Boer 7x57 Mausers during the Boer War.


Thanks, I took the following from a different website.
While all Boer Mausers were chambered for the 7x57 cartridge, there is some controversy over the little-known 7x53 cartridge, referred to in Afrikaans as the “Kortnek” (short neck). The Kortnek was apparently made by the Ludwig Loewe firm from stockpiles of 7.65x53 cartridge cases necked down and loaded with 7mm bullets whose crimping cannelure was closer to the bullet’s base than was usual. In most cases they functioned as expected, but there were enough reports of burst barrels that some Boers refused to use them.
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There is an extensive discussion of this ctg in “Small Arms of the Anglo Boer War” Ron Bester. It had a very bad reputation with the Boers and efforts were made to correct this by reduceing the powder charge and greasing the bullets.
Also known with “FN” hs.


Reference the attempts by the Boers to improve the performance of their 7x54 ammunition, both the German (18 DM 96 FyA) and Belgian (FN 93) rounds can be found with the remains of a green wax-like coating on their bullets.

John E


These cases were originally made for the Spanish speaking South American market so “F y A” means “Fusiles y Ametralladoras” or “rifles and machine guns” in English.