7x57 Blue Tip, K33 7.M. headstamp?


This specimen has a dark Navy blue tip laquer and the same deep blue color in the primer seal; jacket is CuNi and the bullet is strongly magnetic on the ogive, not the tip.

The headstamp style sure hints of a Kynoch military loading? AP or AP-something? By whom? For whom?



It is a Kynoch military load, but a contract one for a Central or South American country. According to Scranton, it could be either a smoke-tracer or incendiary. Labbet may have more info.


It is a Buckingham type incendiary with a phosphorous filling and weep hole. When Scranton says smoke tracer or incendiary he means these are alternate names for the same load.

Because the round left a trail of phosphorus smoke when fired they were frequently referred to as smoke tracers. Normal type tracers were known as flame tracers.

These Kynoch incendiaries differed slightly internally from a true Buckingham round, usually having a cupro-nickel covered serrated plug inside rather than the segmented lead plug of the Buckingham.



Iconoclast - am I right in read that hst as ‘K33 7.M.’??? If so I have never seen that hst style before. It’s usually 7 MM or 7M/M or 7mm or 7m/m but 7.M.?


JohnP-C, your reading is correct. The headstamp reads 7.M. - and yes, I found that deucedly odd, also.




I have the K33 7.M. headstamp on ball (purple tip), Tracer (red tip) and AP (green tip). I need the blue tipped incendiary now as my incendiary has the 7mmM headstamp!



That sort of interesting stuff could tempt me off the ‘straight and narrow’…of British Sporting!