7x57 Bonanza!


A whole bunch of dirty old 7x57 Mauser cartridges have recently arrived, from Brazil I believe. Somebody cleaned out an old arsenal. I got to look through 2 mixed lots of 500 and added 8 rounds to my collection!


Really nice! I have a secret non-collection of 7x57s that I throw in a box and don’t tell anyone about, but they really have some nice headstamps. Some I haven’t seen before.




Do tell…me really like 7x57!


Does anyone else see a similarity between the “A C” and “C A” headstamps shown
here, and the "A A headstamps that appear on the 8 x 57 mm rounds that
Fabricaciones Militares made for Ecuador in the same time period?

Maybe the clue to the meaning of AA on those 8 mm rounds is here somewhere?
Would be interesting to know if there were any rifle rounds with an “A B” headstamp
floating around South America, date “51” or “52.” We might then have a meaning
like “Argentina, Contract A” and “Argentina, Contract C” or something along those

John Moss


I am tentatively IDing the CA/AC rounds as Dominican Republic, as they appear to be from the same source as the RD rounds that are also found in the same lots.


I have a 7x57mm with the A 7 C 52 headstamp that was attributed to the San Cristobal Arsenal, Dominican Republic by the former owner. How valid that is I don’t know.


The original edition of White and Munhall ascribes a Dominican Republic origin to either the CA or AC headstamp shown here. It is known that various weary Brazilian Mausers made their way to the Dominican Republic, so perhaps the cartridges shown represent some Brazilian ammunition sent with those rifles along with ammunition of later local manufacture. Jack