7x57 DWM dummy

Anybody out there wo knows details about a 7x57 nickel plated dummy with 3 knurlings on the case side?
hs is:
12h: DWM
6h: 19 K 33

Hi Alex, I don’t know the details of this specific contract but this headstamp style was found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay.

7 x 57:

DWM 19 K 33 = S bullet
DWM * 19 K 33 * = S bullet
DWM 19 K 35 = M93 and S bullet
The ones headstamped “DWM 19 K 33” were packed in 20 round Spanish labelled boxes (with clips).

7.65 x 54:

DWM 19 K 33 = S bullet
DWM * 19 K 33 * = S bullet
These two rounds were packed mixed in 10 round boxes without markings except for a coded lot number. I don’t know what is the meaning of the headstamp with the stars.

Fede, why I did not think of asking you directly…

Thanks a lot! So it is for South-America.

Is that a local made dummy or was it made this way by DWM?

Of the above listed nations only Chile and Mexico used the 7x57 ctg.

The style of dummy was the commonly produced dummy by DWM and is known in quite a few case types, each with a unique DWM case #. The 7x57 nickelled dummy with 3 rings as shown/listed in the DWM case book in at least four variations:

380D1 Spain RN
380L1 Spain RN
380M1 Brazil Spitzer
380M2 Brazi Spitzer

I don’t think that you can read too much into who it was produced for as it was probably supplied to many customers.

Orange, the 7 x 57 rounds listed were found in Chile and Mexico and the 7.65 x 54 in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. The 7 x 57 was also “used” by Bolivia, but it is not clear under which circumstances. You may want to read this related thread:


Alex, do you have any picture or further description of this dummy?