7x57 M1893 cartridge in Spain

As the 7x57 caliber rifle in Spain was adopted in 1892 and the cartridge in April 1893 (M1893).
What cartridge did the M1892 rifle use? An experimental variant of the 7x57 or something else?

Hello everyone, I accompany you the link of an article published in the Spanish newspaper ARMAS, where the history of the adoption in Spain of the 7 x 57 Mauser caliber is explained.
It is in Spanish, but you can always use a translator to understand it better.


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Ximo, thanks a lot! This clarifies the situ!
So they started out in 7.65x54, tried 6.5x54 Mannlicher and sellteld on 7x57.

Alex, the Spanish Mauser Model 1892 rifle -and carbine- was chambered for the regular 7x57 cartridge. I assume that the cartridges made by DM-K in 1892 were undated or they are very rare (none reported, I think). Lanza also report cartridges made by Toledo as early as 1892, but today nobody seems to have found an example.

Pre-1892 headstamps by DM-K are very hard to find in many calibers. For example, you may spend all your life trying to find a 7.65x54 cartridge dated 1891, even if we all know that the Argentine rifle is designated Model 1891.



Fede, thanks a lot!
But how comes the cartridge was adopted after the rifle?

Probably just a bureaucratic anomaly.

Fede: Are there no DM-K cartridges for the Turkish 1890 that would have an Islamic date equating to 1891 or earlier? Jack

Jack, yes, there are Turkish contract DM-K cartridges with 1308 (1890-91) and 1309 (1891-92) dates, but the first Argentine contract cartridges are headstamped 18 D.M. 91 KARLSRUHE and they are very rare.

Fede: Thanks for the comment. I have one of the KARLSRUHE 1892 rounds but not the 1891! Jack

Is there anyway this article can be submitted in some form that can be easily opened? It is a very important article, and I read enough Spanish to educate myself on this cartridge/country variation, but I don’t have dropbox and being computer-ignorant, do not want to “join” any new sorts of program. It would be for my own use only, not for portions to be reprinted by me.

John Moss

John, check your e-mail. I sent you this one here and another one in addition.

Alex - Received in perfect format for my incredibly bad computer skills. Thank you very, very much my dear friend. :-)

John Moss

Note to Fede!!!
Fede please clear something up for me,and I am not even sure if I am misunderstanding
something here.You state in the above post that cartridges made before 1892 with stamps
DM-K and undated are very rare.I have 2 of those rounds and posted them a while ago
but nothing was said.The one is stamped DM-K and 2 stars the other only DM with the K
at 6 Oclock.However one is a soft tipt one the other military.what Am I missunderstanding
here??? of course both are 7+57mm Sherryl

Peter, what I mean to say is that the rare cartridges made in 1892 could have been headstamped 18 D. M. 92 KARLSRUHE or 18 D. M. 92 K.. Undated examples like the ones you describe are not rare.



Thank you Fede for your reply!!!