7x57 Mauser Dummy with hds FR star 5 star


I have 7x57 Mauser Dummy round with headstamp “F.R. star 5 star” made by Fábrica do Realengo de munição, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I need help with some questions regarding it’s headstamp and manufacturer:

  1. What translation of the manufacturers name is correct - “Royal ammunition factory” or “Realengo ammunition factory”? Direct translation of the word “Realengo” is a “Royal”, but Realengo is also a neighborhood in northern Rio de Janeiro, where this factory was situated.

  2. What is a meaning of stars and digit 5 of this headstamp?

  3. When this cartridge was made?


Since Brazil ceased being “Royal” in 1889 ( establishment of the “Estados Unidos de Brasil”) after the removal of their “Imperador”,Dom Pedro II,
the “Realengo” refers to the location of the Factory.( See “Realengo” Wikipedia, Portuguese)

“Fabrica do Realengo do municoes”

So Fabrica do Realengo is located in Realengo district, whose name may originally have meant “Royal District” for some unknown reason ( maybe a location of a Royal palace or Summer villa etc?) prior to the establishment of the Republic? Remember that for all its Colonial history, before 1889, Brazil was firstly a colony of Monarchic Portugal, and after independance from Portugal,in 1822, under Emperor Dom Pedro I, then succeeded by his son, Dom Pedro II, in 1831 as a youngster…becoming fully Emperor on his majority. See Wikipedia “Dom Pedro II”.

The FR was deactivated in 1978 ( founded 1898) and the buildings converted to Superior Schools for various Army Staff colleges.

IMBEL ( Industrias Bellicas) now manufactures all Brazil’s Military Ammo requirements. CBC ( Now Magtech) supplies both National and Commercial ammo.

“Star 5 Star” is probably an indication of the type of “cartridge” in this case, being a dummy ( Drill round) there was no need to indicate dates etc, as with normal loaded ball ammo.

Date of manufacture? At least after about 1908, when Brazil adopted the “S” type bullet replacing the older, 175 grain round nose of the 1890s.

Any of our Latin American collectors can shed more light on this item?

Doc AV
Brisbane Australia


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I hate to ruin that explanation, but I have that headstamp on ball, blank, and dummy rounds.


Thank you for comment.

Do you know meaning of headstamp “star 5 star”?


The original case for this dummy cartridge was made by Fábrica do Realengo in 1943. Single number codes and stars were used only between July 1939 (number “1”) and late 1943 (number “5”).

Same number codes were used by FCAG and FCI between 1931 and 1938.

To make myself clear:


1 = 1931
2 = 1932
3 = 1933


1 = 1933
2 = 1934
3 = 1935
4 = 1936
5 = 1937
6 = 1938
7 = 1939


1 = 1939
2 = 1940
3 = 1941
4 = 1942
5 = 1943


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Fede, the minimal overlap of the codes and dates makes me ask…are FCAG, FCI, and FR all the same company?


Yes, it was always the same factory with different names.

FCAG: Fábrica de Cartuchos e Artifícios de Guerra, Realengo

FCI: Fábrica de Cartuchos de Infantaria, Realengo.

Headstamp FC (Fábrica de Cartuchos do Realengo) was also used briefly during 1911-12.


Fede, great info on such a difficult field of research!


The name “Realengo”, in fac, is the abbreviatin “Real Engo.” or “REAL ENGENHO” Something like “ROYAL MILL” OR “ROYAL FARM”. Initially it was the name of a railway station near a farm belonging to the Crown Brazilian, now a district of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Manufactured ammunition 7mm, 30-06, 7,62 NATO(IMBEL), .50 BMG, mortar ammunition, powder, fulminate, explosive.


Thank you for this interesting info!