7x57 Mauser DWM box « Ohne Garantie »

Interesting stamp no guaranty… hst DWM K

Hello to Switzerland…
The stamp ohne Garantie was applied, when a customer ordered ammo, outside the specs of DWMs own loads. Thats just a limiting of liability, already in that old times.
You can find that markings often on the backside of the ammoboxes…like:
“If loadings are ordered, which are not in our listings of approved loads, we do not give any Garantie…”

If I find a box in my inventory, I will show a pic of that signs…


Salut Peter thanks for the info! What period exactly (no stamp on the box, lid missing)
Merci und Prost!

Great box - thanks for showing this.

I have not seen that “Ohne Garantie” used before but then I’ve only studied the sporting rifle DWM boxes. Normally in that area they have the type of powder used. In this instance maybe when they packed the box they didn’t know what type of powder was used (that is an older hs style) ? or maybe it was a powder that they knew would cause corrosion problems after awhile?

Some questions:
Can you please show the top label (if it has one) .
Does it have a code stamped on the underneath of the box ?
Do the letters in the hs have serifs (ie. which of the following is it)?


Sorry Peter responded while I was writing my reply .

Peter, is this the label you are referring to :