7x57 Mauser Incendiary question

How do you tell a 7x57 DWM 1937 Incendiary round from otherwise. Also I only have a few 7x57 headstamps but still it would be nice to know a good source of information on said cartridge (good book or link)?

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Weight is a good indication, but not definitive. Incendiary rounds will weigh significantly less than ball or AP.



What weight do you get for each if by chance you have. I get 372.8 - 376.4 for the 20 rounds I have in question. Sure wish I had an X-ray machine but would not know the cost or where to even start with obtaining one.


X-ray machines are quite expensive, as I understand it & have to be licensed with periodical inspections.
Try your local vet, or dentist.

Mine with a just “37” date has a handwritten note on it “Stk export to S. America” & it weights 373.5 gr.
Another with the same HS is a SmL “durchaus - rot” (red annulus), weights 344.0 gr., & has a CNCS jacket. Have a Xerox of the DWM label for this.

Don’t have a full date example in this year.

I’m not sure if the full date vs the two-digit date means contract or export or home use, perhaps someone can enlighten me?


I supose I am going to have to pull one and go from there. But I have never sectioed a incendiary round. I understand it should be done under water. I don’t know, to much trouble.

X-ray, yea have asked Dentists and a couple of vets over the course of 15 plus years to no avail. A few have asked me to please leave now, to some uneducated persons telling me it will blow up. I am tied of asking. Have not found any that are gun and ammo savvy.

Joe, what is the color of the primer annulus?


Edit: Pulled one. Bullet is 154gr. with flat lead base. Powder was 44gr best I can tell as the inside of case is corroded.

Then is a standard ball loading for rifles and machine guns. These are usually found packed in clips in Spanish labeled 15 rd boxes.

It would match the Spanish Model 1913 CNCS Ball projectile weight of 10 grams (154.3 grains). The black primer anulus would seem to stand for Ball, is that what you figure. Also do you know if DWM made any Incendiary 7x57 in 1937?

Joe, those I have seen were loaded with a 9 g (139 gr) CNCS projectile and about 3 g (46 gr) of square flaked powder.