7x57 Mauser Spanish "PS" headstamp


I have several Spanish Mauser rounds with extremely rough smudged almost unreadable headstamp of PS 1947. There are several PS’s listed in headstamp section. Which one do I pick?


If you are sure they are 7 x 57 and Spanish, pick Pirotecnia Militar de Sevilla.


Look’s your headstamp like this? Than it is a spanish cartridge.


Here is my headstamp. It is the best out of 4 rounds I have. The quality of stamping is extremely poor (look at “S” and “4”), it is very shallow and barely readable. Why? Nobody was bombing Spain in 1947, there was no “last ditch” effort.


Definitely Spanish. Spain has never been known for quality headstamping. However, their quantity and interesting variety, especially during their civil war, more than make-up for the eye strain!


I have a modern 12 bore plastic shotshell hull made in Spain stamped “Victory”. This stamp is terrible, looking like the bunter slipped a few times as they did it - it is bearly readable!