7x57 Proof? FN 46


This round has a tinned case, CuNi jacket or cladding, domed nickled primer, no p/a or c/m sealant, ‘F N 46’ headstamp and the bullet is attracted to a magnet on the side, but not the tip. I’m thinking it is a proof load? For whom?



It could be a proof load but I tend towards a functioning dummy. FN made dummies like this in a number of calibres, and as has been discussed in a seperate thread, supplied 9mmP dummies identical to this with their Hi-Poer pistols.

Have you pulled it to check if it has propellant?



Hi Tony -

Y, obviously a dummy is the other primary possibility. If push comes to shove, I’ll pull it, but prefer to go the non-destructive route first if possible. All my reloading gear is packed away, but I guess it is time to invest in a quality electronic scale so I can do further non-invasive investigations on this and other specimens.




Teak - I would guess a dummy also, more from the nickeled primer cup than the nickeled case, by the way.