7x57 "U.M.C. 7 m/m" dummy without drilled holes

The one on the left has gun powder movement but the one to the right does not. Is is a dummy?

Apparently no hole or you would know, so the only other thing I can think of is a proof / HPT. What is the total weight of it compared to your other round?

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Yes, no holes in the body. I’ll weigh them tomorrow at work, with 4 decimal precision. Both are non magnetic.

The one on the left (brass) is 24.30 grammes, the one on the right (tinned?) is 21.18 grammes.
Is it possible it is a dummy with no holes (forgot to drill)?

Not being a math student & powder being usually measured in grains, it seems the difference is 3.12 grams. So that is about 48.14 grains of powder which is I would guess, ball park for a 7mm.

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48.14 grains is THE DIFFERENCE between these 2 rounds. I looked up Nosler web page, an average ENTIRE load for this calibre is 40 to 50 grains. But I am like you, failed 1st grade math.
I don’t reload so grains confuse me a lot. At work everything is metric, even some clocks are on 24 hour system. Just like in Russia. And soon, with socalized medicine and progressive system, I’ll be like Beatles, Back in the USSR.

Hi Vlad, yes 48.14 is the difference & if the case, bullet & primer are close to the same weight would leave just the powder charge weighing 48 or so grains.
So that fits within the Nosler load data & means your right, it’s a dummy without a hole(s) !

I don’t reload either (although I once did), but powder, for the most part, has been measured in grains & not grams. I can’t visualize either weight if I was looking at a pile of powder

You really think it’s better back in the USSR? Continue this if your serious as a PM of better yet use my e-mail.

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Thank you for “dummy without holes” ID
I don’t mean it is better in the USSR. I am merely predicting the future, and I don’t like my own prediction.
I used very precise scales at work, and they read in grams.

On a pocket calculator, multiply grains by 0.0648 to obtain grams.
Divide grams by the same number 0.0648 to obtain grains.
Memorizing 0.0648 is easy, because one needs it all the time as a metric person on a U.S. forum.

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All technical stuff aside.
I can’t speak for the 7x57mm Mauser, but on many newer calibers the case is designed to be full of the correct gunpowder to ensure optimum pressures and velocity.
So you can’t tell if a dummy or not by the sound loose gunpowder by shaking the cartridge.
If you don’t know the bullet weight it would be hard to know if there is powder in the case of not.
My opinion only , but I would not stand in front of the firearm if you loaded it with this so called, “possible dummy” :-).


The tinned ptimer is another hint.

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Actually, the 15.43 conversion factor is easier to remember…
There are 15.43 Grains to the Gram.
Divide Grains by 15.43 to get grams…justlook at a Norma bullet packet…they list both for bullet wts…eg, 154 grain == 10 gm (7.62×54R)
Forget the .0648 measurement…too hard for mental arithmetic…

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Thank you … :-D