7x57mm Mauser from SLICS


Although I don’t actively collect 7x57mm, I do pick up unusual headstamps and loadings when I run across them. Here is a couple found at SLICS that I thought are kind of neat.

MUNICION.ORG attributes the first one to Generalitat de Catalunya, Indústries de Guerra, Fábrica Nº 12. Fàbrica de Cartutxeria de Girona, Carretera de la Jonquera, Km. 722. Palau Sacosta (Girona) which was apparently a bottlecap factory.

The second one (from Fábrica Nacional de Toledo) is the first I’ve seen with the EJERCICIO (exercise/drill) headstamp.


Two nice rounds, Phil, and the EJERCICIO is in particularly nice condition.


Phil - nice rounds. Thanks for sharing. I think you showed me the Ejercicio at SLICS. The language describing the other one is quite interesting. I assume it is Catalán? I have never seen their written language before that I can recall. No more like Spanish than Portuguese is.
Very interesting. Thanks for the information.


I also , like Phil, don’t actively collect 7 x 57, and my scanner is not as good as his !!..but I just had to have one of the Remington 7 x 57 Riot cartridges with the “crinkled” case…headstamp is REM-UMC 7 m/m



From a closet 7x57mm accumulator----CONGRATULATIONS!!! The top one is really great. Wonderful headstamp. I have never even heard of it.



Hi friends,

If any of you want a 7x57 mm with h/s GCIG Nº 12 , write me at davrib@hotmail.com. I have some repeated. Gladly give him into the ECRA reuniónm Germany.



That rare 7 x 57 mm Mauser exercise cartridge was made in 1944 and is considered quasi experimental or of very limited production. Great find!!!


Catalan is one of the Southern France-North Italy-Eastern Spain group of Languages known under the generic term of “Provencal” (c with cedilla).

Genovese, Alpine Provencalo,Languedoc and Catalan are mutually comprehensible; and are also very close in pronunciation to Portuguese as well.

All these languages are derived from Latin, with Celtic/Gaulish influences.

It is also called (in French) “Langue d’Oc” where the old Gaulish-Latin “Oc” meant “yes”…as opposed to “proper French” which is “Langue d’Oil” where “Oil” ( pronounced “Oeil”) meant “Yes”), used in Central and Northern Gaul (France).

Interesting How Ammo research widens our knowledge of Non-English languages.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Doc Av - you are spot on about the relationship of our hobby to foreign language. Until I started collecting cartridges, after I had left college, I had zero interest in foreign languages.
Now, I wish I had majored in them in High School and College. On my own, I have learned some Spanish and Italian, to the point of speaking them better than I understand them spoken by natives of the languages, read them better than I speak them, and write them better than I can read them. I have also learned enough German that I can read most picture captions in German-language gun and ammunition books. I can also read most cartridge box labels in Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian and German. The Eastern languages are still pretty much a mystery to me, especially if normally written in Cyrillic.

If not for my interest in ammunition, and meeting so many of the wonderful people in the hobby from other countries as guests in my home or at first Chicago and now St. Louis, I would only have a little Spanish that I had to learn as a salesperson in a gun shop in San Francisco, California.

I envy those that are truly linguists, such as yourself, Dimi Goulas and his charming wife, Phil Philippe Regenstreif, and on and on and on.

Thanks for the info on Catalán. I had not know that it was similar to Genovese. My wife is about half Genovese and half Toscana, although she doesn’t speak Italian, perhaps confused as a youth by the use of three languages at home, the two Italian dialects and English. Her mother was fluent in Genovese, “Proprio Italiano,” and English. Had she not passed before my father-in-law moved in with us (and lived with us ten years), I believe I would be quite decent in Italian, with some ability in the Genovese dialect. Her passing at a young age was unfortunate in all respects.

Well, I know this isn’t really cartridge talk, but again, Doc, I appreciate your instruction and explanation about Catalán, along with all the other subjects you are so proficient in.