7x57mm Mauser ID


Can anybody out there positively identify this 7mm Mauser with it’s rather distinctive bright blue annulus. I think I posted this query on the old site a couple or three years ago but didn’t get much response so here goes again.
If it doesn’t show clearly in the scan the headstamp reads "7M/M 36"


May be Rem.UMC 1936 for Venezuelan Government.


I have that h/s on a dummy round. I had always believed it was for a clandestine contract for one of the sides of the Spanish Civil War.


the french book: S.Jorion-P.Regenstreif “Culots de munitions” write:
7mm 36 -not determined american fabrication (may be Rem-UMC) for Venezuela Government in 1936. Mark found on dummy chromed cartridges.
cal.7x57 Mauser.


That is interesting. I do not have that book. I would wonder why Venezuela would require a clandestine style of headstamp. During the Spanish Civil War, Mexico secretly supplied the Republican forces. I don’t know what Venezuela’s politics were at that time, but perhaps REM did produce them for Venezuela who then forwarded them on to one of the warring factions?