7x57mm "SB 1896/1897 O" charger

It came with 5 equally corroded (one “SB 1896 O” and four “SB 1897 O” rounds). What’s the purpose of the elaborate ridge on the back of the charger i.e. why it is not flat? I’ll post more pics when I clean it up.

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This one has never been satisfactorily explained, when I first started collecting chargers about the only printed reference I could find was Yust’s “Cartridge Collectors Notebooks” where there are a few pages on the subject. He ascribes this charger to Mexico, but given that some of his other observations are wrong, I have my doubts.

Equally, Mexico did turn out some rather baroque looking chargers so it just might be correct …

… but for now I have it filed under “Unknown”.


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Post Scriptum;

The “SB O” cartridges are from Santa Barbara in Oviedo but when I’ve asked Spanish collectors attending the ECRA meetings in Europe about this charger, none of them has thought this one to be Spanish.

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As most sheet metal workers would tell you, ridges, grooves, and other impressions in flat sheetmetal will increase resistance against folding or collapse…look at Magazine walls in thin metals, folded sheet metal guns (MP40, StG 44, etc)
And also in cartridge stripper
Clips. The only two notable non-ridged clips were the Japanese
T30/38/99, and the Japanese Made clip for 8x50R/ 8x52R Siamese.
The .303 clip is thicker metal, and the 7,62x54R clip has the ridges built in for the rim clearance.
All the other “packet” clips are either thicker, hardened steel (Garand) or thin brass or steel
with impressions (Berthier 5 rd M16) or linear impressions ( Carcano, Commission, Mannlicher
8x50R, 6.5x53R.)

I have seen a Draw set for 7x57 strippers…it is made by folding and rolling the brass strip through a series of rollers, just like making
Square Hollow Section, and Rectangular Hollow section Steel Tubing.
Finished profile is cut off, ends deburred and fitted with steel spring ( sometimes brass).
The springs were made in a continuous strip process as well.

Doc AV

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Pics after cleaning

Another significant stripper clip without back reinforcing is the original version of the Mauser 89-90-91. This version was later replaced by one with typical Mauser clip back ribbing but is itself fairly common. Jack

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