7x61 S&H and 7x61 SUPER are American Cartridges, FYI

FYI, (for your information)
7x61 S&H and 7x61 SUPER are American Cartridges, not European.
The 7x61 S&H (Sharpe & Hart) was inspired by the 7x61 MAS M1907 cartridge and designed by Philip B. Sharpe, Richard F. Hart, and Richard Ditchburn (from the USA) in 1949 (based on the 300 H&H cartridge). It was for use in the Larsen M54J rifle. Norma produced the cartridge in 1953 (on a limited basis) for the the inventors in the USA market and received permission to produce the cartridge commercially in 1960. In 1967 Norma changed the “INTERNAL” case shape by reducing the case wall to increase the powder capacity and renamed the cartridge the “7x61 SUPER” (a/k/a 7x61 Magnum). So technically I would consider the 7x61 S&H and 7x61 SUPER are two different Cartridges, even if the outside case dimensions are the same, as the internal dimensions are different. Production continued on the 7x61 Super by Norma until 1976 and resumed from 1989 to 1996. To my knowledge it is no longer being produced; if I am incorrect, please let me know.
( IAA Journal # 426, July/Aug 2002, page 7, and 'W.B. Dixon’s European Cartridges, Vol. II, Page 249 & 250, Cartridges of the World 11th Ed., page 118))
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Norma no longer seem to load the 7x61 S&H ammunition, but you can still order a new rifle in the calibre: deathfromafar.com/htm/08_iba … ifle.shtml