7x64mm "SBP 7x64 W.Br."

Wikipedia says that:
" The 7×64mm is a popular hunting cartridge in Central Europe due to its 11.95 mm (0.470 in) case head diameter and 84 mm (3.3 in) overall length allowing it to easily be chambered in the Mauser 98 bolt action rifle that was once standard German military issue."
I do not understand how it is possible to chambers 7x64 into 8x57. Please explain.

i guess they meant that this cartridge fits in standard Mauser 98 action length.

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I would take Wikipedia’s cartridge info with “a grain of salt” as they say.

As an example regarding the 6.5x68 it is still stated that is was " developed in the 1930s by August Schüler from the August Schüler Waffenfabrik, Suhl, ". Not only was it not developed by Schüler but by the 1930’s both the “August” Schüler’s were well dead. Richard Schüler was their designer from WW1 into the early 1930’s but little cartridge development was done by this company after the early 1930’s. It isn’t the only one to get this wrong as Fred Datig probably stated this first and many other sites have copied it since.(eg Barnes (COW) revivaler.com )

However, RWS in WIERDERLADEN states:
Developed by RWS of Nurnberg in the years 1938 and 1939, the 6,5 x 68 came on the market in the spring of 1940. Some sources designate the companies August Schüler or the company Krieghoff as a developer, others; the companies of Vom-Hofe or Mannlicher. This information is all wrong. Rather the 6,5 x 68 was a parallel development of the 8 x 68S and appeared at the same time.” and they should know because they introduced it.

I have seen other similar errors with Wikipedia re ammo but I do use it daily for many other info and even donate to it, so I’m not anti-Wiki overall.

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