8,15x46 R blank

interesting blank design with 7.92mm Mauser bullet.
obrazek obrazek

I think it is home made.



I agree Its Homemade

Thank all,
however, some collectors from the Czech Republic suggest probable serial production

Can I ask who sold it to you? There is Czech Mauser bullet inside

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Greetings to colleague Pavle J.
I don’t remember who sold it to me, but the colleagues who stood around confirmed it. He said he was normally made. I guess I got up. Perhaps the administrator does not bite me that I do not use English.
Jiří D.
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These wooden blanks are genuine RWS products. They are shown in the extensive book: “Die Deutsche Schützen Patrone 8,15X46R” by Anderhub, Kellner & Techel on pp116/117.

They show actual RWS boxes marked “Platz Holz” and are evidently products of the 1930’s.

Can you please give here a scan of the list with the photo of the cardidge? Thx.

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The book is available here:


The image in the aforementioned book (pg. 116) has a red wood bullet without the band at the case-mouth. The case shown at the beginning of this thread appears to be reloaded with a 7.92 wood bullet with the band at the case mouth so I am of the opinion that it is home made unless someone can produce the RWS 8.15x46R blanks box containing these 7.92 wood bullets !!
Chris P.

Chris, if you look at the example shown on page 117, (when magnified) it does look like it has got a band at the bottom - it looks like it has a different shape than the one on page 116. If this was the case then wouldn’t it satisfy your requirement that

“someone can produce the RWS 8.15x46R blanks box containing these 7.92 wood bullets !!”

These were listed for at least 9 years in catalogs and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find that more than one type of wooden bullet was used.

To make it clearer of what I mean is that I don’t believe that there is enough evidence to dismiss the example that Luger has, is a fake. RWS did produce 8.15x46R red wooden bullet blanks over many years and this could be one of these.

Something rattle inside, probably ball or shot. This indicates that it is round delaborated.
Mouth detail:

Until 1935 the Germans put a paper bullet on the blanks (Platzpatrone 27)
In December 1935 a blank with a wooden bullet was introduced. (Platzpatrone 33)

The mouth detail showed the rim in the wooden bullet that was needed to provide that the bullet was pushed inside the 8x57 Mauser case, because this bullet was designed for the use in a rifle and MG.

A picture from one of the first blank 33 labels from 1935 with test printed on the label (Versuch)


Here Is a picture of Czech wooden Bullet on 7,92x57 produced by bxn (sellier bellot ) factory after WW2.

So here’s a comparison using images from above plus AKT (Die Deutsche Schützen Patrone 8,15X46R” by Anderhub, Kellner & Techel on pp116/117) plus PP33 from an earlier IAA Forum post (https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/german-1943-7-92x57mm-platz33/8292/2)

The bullet profile from the ‘Luger’ example does not appear to me to look the same as either the 7.92x57 examples. More like the AKT examples ??

The raised band at the bottom of the bullets is hard to see sometimes - and changes depending on the seating of the bullet ?

Whilst the RWS hs on the case from the example from Luger is newer (also smaller primer) it could still date from the 1930’s - accurately dating those RWS hs is extremely difficult !

So what do others think ?

This RWS Case from Luger is from the nickel primer (Boxer) and the font of the letters, the rounded edges of the case certainly a modern case …
I sold lots of this newly made cases in the 80thies…
and I knew a lot of “cartridgemakers” in the czech republic…
where it comes from…
In my opinion not a genuine OLD load…
maybe just made up for fun and not to fool people, because its in no way, a rare cartridge…
Wood bulleted blanks where used from the traditionell Schützenverein during their annual marches on the Schützenfest for salutfiring…



Before WW2 this was the annual calibre for shooting.
Did you ever see a label of this round?
I mean a factory load with a wooden bullet!