8.15x46R box by Cabela

There are live rounds with “R-P 303 British” headstamp inside of the box, in correct reformed calibre. This clearly goes against a legal disclaimer on the side which says “use only in firearms in good condition with markings exactly matching ammunition”. So someone may stick it into a Lee-Enfield, thus matching ammo markings. Why would a large company like Cabela’s expose themselves to such a legal risk? Surely these rifle are not common, therefore ammo sales are not going through the roof. Do you think it is impossible? A friend purchase a Chinese Mossin-Nagant but was not familiar with ammo. He was told by a dealer that the gun fired .303 British. He tried to chamber .303 but was not successful in firing it. On the 2nd visit to the shop someone identified the correct calibre!!!


Making 8,15x46R from “.303” cases is a hard way of doing things…Turning rim, turning or swaging head ( from .455 to .420) and sundry other “hard work”…when the cases are easily formed from .32Win Special or .30/30 cases, without any press or lathe work…

Has anyone checked the dimensions of these “cartridges”?

I think “na pesce u puza da capa” ( Naples saying…it stinks from the top).

Skeptical Doc AV

And, BTW ( since I can’t “Edit” my Posting,) 8,15x46R is NOT an Obsolete Calibre, as it is still being made by RWS (Now RUAG) in Germany, and is available through-out Europe.
RWS has two loadoingas, the traditional Schuetzen Load, with a Lead Bullet (Flat tip) and the "modern"
Jacketed Soft Point ( for both Target and Small game Use).

Several other European makers also carry or carried the 8,15 in their normal production lines.

Doc AV

Doc, I think you may be exaggerating a bit. I don’t think that it has been listed by RWS since the 1950’s. Please show me something that proves RWS have produced it more recently ?

The 8.15x46R was manufactured into the 50’s in Czechoslovakia and until DWM closed in 1972. Please show me a significant ammunition company that still lists this calibre ?

Cases have been produced as recently by Horneber and Qual-Cart but that makes it even more likely to be considered an ‘obsolete’ calibre.

Also why can’t you edit your posts ?

new empty cases by RWS are currently available, at least in Europe

RWS 8,15x46R ammo was available ex-catalogue from Germany to Australia as recent as 10 years ago, and is still available on special (and expensive) order…
as are the cases.

Not all the market revolves around the USA, you know…

Doc AV

I have three of these rifles, all of Mauser manufacture. The best parent case is as Doc says, the .30-30. However all of my guns, two repeaters and one single shot, need the cases turned to a max. of .482" to allow proper extractor clearance. By coincidence, the exact measurement used by RWS. An unmodified .30-30 ( about .500") will fit if pressed, but extractor damage might occur. Case shown (.30-30 Win.) is turned .4825" JH

I agree with what you are saying Vlad. In today’s world, it surprises me that they would sell ammunition with a headstamp that doesn’t match the calibre, for fear of them being sued.

My latest RWS reference for this cartridge is Dynamit Nobel’s 1991 catalog where only new unprimed empty cases are listed. It is not included anymore in their 1994 catalog and subsequent years.

Here is the headstamp and general view of one from this box. Dimentions are: overall 62.5mm, length 46 mm, rim 12.3mm, mouth 8.7mm, projectile at mouth 8.5mm.

Fede & others,

During IWA fair in 1999 there was announced the reintroduction of the 8.15 x 46 R cases for handloaders ( Armi & Tiro magazine, 1999)