8.15x54mm French

Was at a gunshow this past weekend and bought an odd cartridge. I’ve been searching around and have yet to identify the caliber designation.
Bullet is 8.15mm in diameter
Case is 54mm long
Headstamp has letters TH and then an R with Date of 2 39

What I’ve got so far:
round is of French manufacture from 2nd quarter of 1939. TH designates the La Seine plant, R designates the ?powder source? which is Rugles usine des Trefileries et Laminoirs le Havre

The cartridge doesn’t match up with any of the Wikipedia list of French Rifles of WWII, and a search for 8.15mm French hasn’t yielded any results. Any help would be much appreciated.

Would you have a photo for us?

I’ll take some better pictures when I get home this evening, I had thought the second one was clearer than it turned out to be.


I am reposting the cropped images here so users can access it easier.
A better hs image would be helpfull.


strange round and belted
someone try to make another caliber with a 7.5x54 mas round
look like a 350 rem mag but little smaller

It’ the 8.1x54 R Lee-Nagant / 8.15x54 R Lee-Nagant:


Like9, how is this one related?

A French “Civilianised” Cartridge…up to to a couple of years ago, there was a severe restriction on “Military calibres” for shooting purposes, so enterprising dealers converted many bolt action rifles (WW II and WWI) to a “non-military chambering”…the 8mm Lebel was reamed out to a .348Win/8mm, the M1 carbine was shortened to 7,62x30 ( from 33 mm), the 8x57J (M88) became an 8x57JR, etc etc .

I think this “8,15 x54” is either a re-chamber of a 7,65 Belgian ( unlikely) or a 7,9 Mauser (with chamber set back one thread)
and using a reformed 7,5x54 MAS case ( Rim and “Belt” .484". body .470 Same as Mauser) Bullet 8,15 (.320)
which is an easy fit in the Mauser (S) rifling.

The case is obviously an original Military 7,5 “pulled down and reformed,” then reloaded with a .320 “8,15” Bullet.
BTW, 8,15 is the correct German description (Commercial) of the .320 calibre ( commonly known as “8mm” ( also in 8,15x46R Schuetzen cartridge). A Lot of German cartridges in the sporting field were simply Military cartridges with the “Bullet diameter” used instead of the Bore ( Lands ) diameter to designate the cartridge ( ie 11,15x60R (sporting) vs. 11mm M71).


Hey all, sorry life got in the way of me having a chance to take more pictures and post any replies.
New pictures are below.
Like9 - the round isn’t Rimmed, sorry if that wasn’t clear in the picture. So the 8.1x54R Lee-Nagant is out.

DocAV - thanks for your email about that Hungarian round (I hadn’t seen your new account here otherwise I’d have reached out through the site).
I think your evaluation is spot on. I measured the case head and it came in at 12.33mm which is .485 inches. The soft point bullet made me think it wasn’t original military, but I’m not familiar enough with EU ammo plants to know if government plants also made hunting ammo.
Were these produced for such rifles on a commercial scale (sort of like some US manufactures now with Lake City brass etc), or would this have been a handloaders project?

My bad, didn’t noticed it wasn’t rimmed.

Advanced Handloader, or Dealer (Not Gov’t/Contractor Factory).