8.2x45 Roth / Krnka round

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can you please share some photos and basic specs (bullet weight and MV) for 8.2x45 Roth / Krnka round that was used in Roth-Haenel semi-automatic rifle of 1899? Need it for an online article.


I’ve never seen any definitive information about bullet weight and MV for 8,2x45 but seen I’ve heard of Roth-Haenel 1899 supposedly chambering 8x42R Mauser Kurz M88 ) which is 157gr at 1780fps. I analogize 8.2x45 to that cartridge. And DWM listed 8x51 kurz at 157 gr @ 2155fps. The 157 grain flat soft point used in 8.2x45 looks like the same style of bullet used on many 8x51 Kurz M88 rounds and in the rare 8x49 M88.


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Here is some more info that may be of use:

_This scarce cartridge was only produced by G.Roth in both its Vienna factory and possibly also its subsidiary Czech factory at Pressburg (J.Roth). This was given case #618 and was probably originally produced for a potential military semi-auto rifle. Like many such Roth calibers, when not adopted for military use they were often offered in catalogs for Hunting purposes.

This case appears to be a necked up and shortened rimless version of the 6.5x53R Mannlicher (A94), designed slightly before the rimless 6.5x54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer (A89 = Roth case #632 c1898, DWM case #477 c1901) case was introduced. Roth produced at least three hs variations, including two undated types (possibly first) and also dated “1899” cases. This was shown in the Roth 1899 catalog in the hunting section.

This case type is known to have been used in a Roth Patented M04 Repeating Carbine offered in a c1908 catalog of Nik. Szailer & Co of Vienna (see images). This caliber is also known as the 8x45 Roth-Krnka Carbine and is also believed to have been produced by JR after WW1 until possibly as late as c1923 before the change of hs to “JR” instead of “GR”. JR (monogram) was used from c1923 and no such “JR” hs are known on this 8.2x45 case._

Top: Roth Mod 1904 from c1908 Nik.Szailer & Co catalog. Bottom: Roth case #618 & bullet #580.

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