8.2x57 l

This is a designation of 8mm Mauser that I have never seen before what does the “L” signify? Head stamp is Lapua 8X57 JS. I also came across a Box of Norma 8X60s that are just regular 8mm Mauser how many designations are there?

8x60S is a cartridge that actually exists.
After 1918, civilian use of the cartridge we know as 8x57IS (German 7.9 mm military cartridge) became illegal in Germany. 8x60S was developed for easy conversion of the abundance of existing 8x57IS hunting rifles into a “civilian” calibre.

The “L” indicates a soft point bullet.

Lyijykarki = soft point
Lapua, SAKO and VPT headstamps are often found in boxes from the others but is correct. More so with this era SAKO box from what I have encountered so far.
Very nice box!

Thank you for the replies soft point is not one I would have thought of.