8.3 x 52SR Rival (6.5 Daudeteau necked up to 8mm)

I found this while sorting through and identifying some cartridges for someone I know who isn’t on the forum.

The round is in very bad condition, there is a hole in the side of the case, and one side of the neck is full of cracks.

The measurements of this round are:

Bullet 8.3mm, case length 52mm, rim diameter 13.38mm

The headstamp was weakly struck, and may have been polished as well so it’s difficult to read.

At 12 O’Clock I can make out: A???AU, at 3 O’Clock: 93, and ??2 at 6 O’Clock.

Thanks for any info.

This looks like a 6.5x53SR DAUDETEAU 18 93 N°12
Neck expanded to accept 8mm bullet ?


Thanks for the reply.

I found this gunboards thread. Apparently there was acartridge called the 8mm Rival. This was a 6.5 Daudeteau necked up to 8mm. Is the bullet in the damaged cartridge I showed original?


Falcon, there is a drawing of the 8 mm Rival cartridge showing the round loaded with a spitzer bullet, although all the cartridges I have seen in this caliber were loaded with the bullets showed in your link.

This is simply a necked up version of the 6,5 mm Daudeteau. There is also a 8 mm Dedateau, but is has a longer case.

Original 8 mm Rival cartridges are unheadstamped as far as it is known.

Here is a specimen of the Rival-Mimard cartridge. There was a reply from M. Beutter in 1992 in the ECRA bulletin (321/5). I only have a copy and not the original, apologies.


So the cartridge in my photo was a 6.5mm Daudeteau that had an 8mm Spitzer bullet pushed into it?

To me the neck seems too well formed for that, but I could be wrong.