8"/55 caliber gun how it works


This guy also has very interesting videos on different tanks, IFVs and APCs. I believe he’s served on British tanks.


The one after the one i just posted is a turret crawl of a 16" gun in the USS Iowa.

Always wanted a 16" projectile. I remember a display of replicas made out of wood at SLICs years ago, beautiful display, but forgot who did the display? :-(
Pete thanks for posting the 8"
Here’s the 16" film

No Dave that is a training film, the other one I noted was a Turret Crawl through the USS Iowa

Looked similar to me to the 8" video but 16", still a good video for 16", post your 16" video, and we can compare.

click on this one to watch on youtube, then it’s the next one