8,5x55 Blaser

Hello dear Sirs,
I am looking for the dimensions of a new commercial cartridge 8.5x55 Blaser that made by Norma.
If you have a dimensions, please post it. Thank you for your attention to my question.

From the Metric dim., seems like a
.338 Bullet on a 55mm case?

May be on a 6.5x55 case expanded, or one of Norma’s many
Belted cases cutback to 55mm?
Could be an answer to the 8.5x51 (.338) Federal (.308 case expanded to .338 Bullet?)

Awaiting specs.

Plenty of Info on Blaser 8.5x55 on Swedish language web pages, but mostly discussing projectiles and hunting loads and ballistics, and Barrels/ actions available…no case diminsions. Has been around for a few years, going on the advertising and reply posts.
Norma makes it for Blaser.
Doc AV

It may have a parent case from any common non-mag caliber. Can not recognise it by the web photo.
They use a .338 bullet, thats right

My notes on the 8.5x55 Blaser

Announced by Blaser at the IWA Show in March 2019, their website explains the purpose of this unusual cartridge: "Rifles with silencers are gaining more and more importance. In order to keep the firearm as compact as possible with a silencer, short barrels are the perfect choice. Especially for this reason, Blaser has developed the caliber 8.5x55. Even with barrel lengths of less than 50 cm, it reaches ideal ballistic values that are normally only achievable with use of longer barrels for high performance calibers.

8.5 mm bullet diameter with 11.7 g and 12 g bullet weight, together with a high bullet velocity provides the best possible effect as well as a very long trajectory. These features make the 8.5x55 Blaser a caliber with an incredibly wide field of use; ranging from local hunting territories to hunts for moose or large antelopes."

It’s design is based on the large 404 Jeffery case (W110) but with a slightly rebated rim much like the 9.3x70 Magnum (W15). Produced for Blaser by Norma who evidently produce all Blaser ammunition now (??). Norma offer an alternative 14.9g load as shown in the image at right. The Blaser 11.7g Nosler Accubond loading appears to have been loaded (“manufactured” ?) by SAX - see box image.

Info below from the ECRA Dataviewer:

because of the parent case, the magnum bolthead has to be used, if caliber is switched by barrelchange from a “smaller” casehead to this caliber


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