8.6×70mm (.338 Lapua Mag.) made in China, 2020 (8.6x65mm)

Chinese 8.6mm catridge case have two different lengths,this one is same as .338 Lapua,which is approximately 70mm in length. and about the other type,it’s about 65mm in length,which is shorter than . 338 lapua.But the shorter one(8.6×65mm) seems to be more difficult to get,I’m very interested in the shorter one but I still can’t get it now,I think it might be much more rare than the longer one.


Interesting, I had no idea these existed.

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The 8.6x65mm cartridge case DFZ8881 mentions above explains the shorter length cartridge case shown by Magnum in a earlier post here on the Forum Chinese new .338 caliber cartridge

Below is a photo posted by Magnum, note the shorter cartridge case on the right. So it appears there are three 8x70mm cartridge cases and one 8x65mm cartridge case in the photo.

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I wonder if this is related to the machine gun in 8.6mm / .338 they are working on.

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Dr. EOD,
About the Chinese 8.6mm case,some details different from . 338 Lapua magnum like weight and neck. I found some 8.6mm cartridge cases are heavier than . 338 Lapua,some 8.6mm case are very thick,might used to Increase the strength to withstand the huge pressure? I just found some 8.6 cases are heavier,but I think this discovery does not represent all kinds of 8.6mm Cartridge.And I found some 8.6mm cases’ neck is more smooth than . 338 lapua,the angle of the neck line is not as obvious as . 338 Lapua(But I think this detail is not important,it might related to the production process)
I don’t know more about the 8.6mm catridge just like it’s gunpowder charge、it’s pressure in chamber…and so on. So I can’t confirm whether these two models (8.6 and .338) can be used in common.
And about the warhead of 8.6mm cartridge,I used to have one but I selled it without taking a photo. About the warhead…I think it might be made with a lathe.The top of the warhead is very sharp, and the bottom of it is made of solid brass, and the top of it is made of another unknown silver-white metal,and there are two or one annular groove in the middle of this warhead.

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Dr. bd green,
Thanks a lot for your reply and the picture offered by Dr. Magnum. That’s really helpful to me.

DFZ, I am almost sure that I know even less but there are also Berdan and Boxer primed cases and by now from at least 3 different factories (11, 41 and 71 + unmarked ones).
As you say, a heavier case may indicate a heavier load and could fit a potential MG use.
Also there exists one such case with a larger head diameter than a normal 8.6x70 / .338 LM.

As for projectiles I saw AP types with protruding tips and turned brass bodies but I can not say much on the exact materials of the cores and caps on them (some are looking like they have titanium caps).

China seems to be very active in recent times with research on sniper grade AP and 12.7mm and 14.5mm combined AP, FAP and multi purpose APHEI loads etc.


It seems to me that most of what is being shown or talked about is evidence from fired cases. Cases stretch and as they headspace on the shoulder different chambers / guns might show / result in somewhat differently in a fired case?

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Dr. EOD,
Thanks for your supplement.
Yes,recently, China has been very active in the imitation or research of new bullets.
And by the way…about new 5.8×42mm…One of my friends found a new 5.8mm caliber warhead with rifling at the shooting range.It was severely damaged due to a high-speed impact,but the color of the warhead is silver,which is similar to a nickel-plated layer instead of a steel core exposed by the wear of metal jacket. I don’t know what it made of,but I think this is really a interesting discovery.
This is the photo,silver color warhead of 5.8mm caliber. I have never seen this kind of 5.8mm warhead before.


Dr. PetedeCoux,
I think this is possible,the shape of the cartridge might have some tiny differences after shoted in different guns.

DFZ, interesting indeed!
Is this maybe a lead free projectile? If so the jacket could be tinned.

I am no Dr. btw.