8 Bore Bachmann

I had this given to me yesterday while I was on the stand at the Northern Shooting Show as they know I like big bore cartridges.

I had not seen this type of side (impressed) printing on an 8 bore case before.

1). Head Stamp.

2). Side View.

3). Close-Up of Stamping A

4). Close-Up of Stamping B

Can anybody give me a manufacturing date please?

I would place it circa 1890’s!


Nice Mike
I have the same shell, but in 16 B & a JOURON, ARQe 8 F(or)E P(or)B RNAV on the top wad. But without the impression. I’d bet that High Life stamp is English.
Sorry no help with your questions.
I do have several Bachmann shells with coiled bodies stamped "DAMP-PROOF * L.B. * " below an 8 & also the same in a 12, both non-magnetic bodies & then 2 other 12’s with brass foil bodies & the same DAMP-PROOF stamp.


Thanks Pete,

Very nice they are too. I only have one cartridge stamped Damp-Proof on the wrap-a-round brass section and that is an Eley London cartridge.

L. B. is that for Leon Beaux do you think? or a first initial for Bachmann (which I can’t remember the name of, if I ever did know).
Also the small “o” in the abbreviated Number (No) seems to have the same part of it missing as mine. That is assuming it is an No. and not an Nc.?

Hi Mike
I too have an ELEY LONDON DAMP PROOF headstamp foil case with ELEY DAMP-PROOF stamped into the foil.

I’ve often thought that might be Leon Beaux, but that never really clicked & never pursued the answer. I don’t know his 1st name either but your thought does make more sense.

i think it’s just a poor bunter on both.

Hi Mike and Pete,
Very nice cases!
I have both of them, and also in smaller gauges.
For as far as I know it is Louis Bachmann.
At least, that is what I always thought.

Regards René

Hi Rene,

Well that would make the “L” correct, somebody is going to prove us all wrong now… You know that don’t you :)….

Here are some more of the damp proof and high life cases.
Note the 12 ga pinfire with raised headstamp. Also Bachmann.

Ps. Sorry for the poor pictures!