8 Bore Ball?


Any help with this 8 Bore round? Is it legit? Purpose? What’s it worth?
Thanks in advance.


Besides the Obvious (8 bore Rifle or Double Rifle), these look like “Kiln Gun” Cartridges,
Used in a Breech loading single shot “Gun” (usually with a “Martini” type drop Block action), for knocking down Klinker accretions in Horizontal Cement Kilns. Originally made in Brass, in later years the shells were made in HD Plastic and brass heads.
Still in use today. Remington is one of the few makers in the World, of both Kiln guns and Shells. The gun is based on the design of QF single barrel Naval guns on a Pedestal or Tripod ( Like the 37mm Maxim-Nordenfeldt QF gun used on Torpedo Boats and TPDs.)

Look up “Kiln Guns” on the Net.

Doc AV



Most definitely NOT the original primer…



Not factory Jon


I am familiar wit the concept of a kiln gun, but thanks for the info, guys.


My buddy has a 8 bore double rifle and we use 8 gauge shotgun shells to load ball and minie ball bullets into for practice. I would think that’s whats happened here. The 8 Bore rifle cases are a lot sturdier.

8 Gauge loaded with minie balls



8 gauge cases with some lathe turned rifle cases.