8 Bore Identification

This hunker of a shell is 3 1/2" long, quite heavy and appears to be all copper. As you can see, the only marking on the head is ‘8’. The topwad appears to have varnish or shellac on it and only under a magnifier there appears to be a faint ‘4’ on it. The rim is a little thinner than on regular, field-type 8 bore shells. I assume this is an industrial shell but any ideas on who made it?

I have had similar ones in the past, it is most probably one someone has had machined from solid brass bar. They are very common in the UK most I have seen have a shotgun primer pocket but this one looks to have been machined to take a large rifle/pistol primer.


Sorry no, however I have a 2-piece ejector type shell with a paper liner which I think is by RWS & it has only an “8” headstamp.

I doubt it was an industrial shell, but only because the only all-metal industrial’s I’ve seen are 4 bore, not any 8’s, for whatever that is worth.