8 gauge Eley brass shotshells with WW Greener head stamp - are they rare?


I have only seen two of these in 8 gauge. Are the 8 gauge Eley - WW Greener head stamped brass shotshells rare?


They are certainly not very common, Greener had cases made for them in just about every bore size going, I have seen them from 8 bore down to 32 bore. Some brass but in the main paper cases, the name was not always on the head stamp. You will also find the brass ones nickel plated.

There are also a selection of “specials” made for Greener such as the Greener Police cartridge.



have you a picture of the hstp?


This one is an Eley Patent. The other was a paper lined brass shell.


you said Eley and it is in fact Kynoch.

The left one must not be very common. Nice hstp.

The right one is common



Sorry about the “Eley”. I don’t really know the difference between Eley and Kynoch. I thought somehow they were related.


William Eley and George Kynoch were at one time separate companies started at different times in England (the only basic, period relationship) with Eley being the earliest. As time progressed finances and other companies and associations of other companies forced changes until both names were owned by ICI the British chemical giant. Today the Kynoch name & trademark is no longer associated with ICI and modern sporting ammunition for dangerous game rifles is it’s main market. Eley now makes {just?} 22 rimfire.

The above is a very, very brief summary missing tons of important names but it’s a very long story and so in a nut-shell…


Thank You ! I will start to research this relationship.