8 gauge industrial shotgun shell

picked two of these up today.

8 gauge industrial rounds used to clean sledge off of walls back In the day. you can see its just a solid slug.

The most common use was to break up “Klinkers” in lime kilns. They were used in a stationary gun, and I think those guns were also made and sold by Winchester. I imagine they are still used in cement manufacturing plants, etc. that have lime kilns.

Trevor–Winchester currently makes 13 different 8ga. Industrial loads as well as the guns. If you (or anyone else) is interested in a 2 page catalog in PDF format showing all the rounds and gun, send me an email and I’ll send it to you as an attachment.

It’s been nearly 50 years now, but I once worked in a large integrated chemical plant complex in northern Ohio, one component of which was a cement plant. I would occasionally stop by and watch them shoot klinkers in the lime kilns, but I never did that myself. I can’t verify this by personal observation, but my father worked in a steel mill. He told me that the open hearth furnaces used for making steel had a drain plug, which would be shot out using the same type of gun in order to let the molten steel run out.

Dominion, Eley-Kynoch, Fiocchi, Swartklip, at least two French brands, Alcan [Made in Italy], Remington, Peters & Winchester were some other makers I’m aware of.
As to loadings, reduced as you show, shot, Zinc slugs, dummies, window shells with paper, plastic and aluminum case materials. One specialist collector of these states he has over 180 different (last time I talked to him). Oh yeah, they also exist in 4 ga. one known by Alcan has the ALCAN BASIC headstamp & that was made for the Basic Steel co.
Goes on forever. The boxes are cool too, if you can find any!

remember this thing on the movie Jurassic park. it must have used some type of these shells.

There are also special 8-gauge blank black powder shells that are fired down into a water-filled borehole to measure depth, etc. The one I have is black plastic and is made by a company in Tulsa, OK. It is headstamped 8 GA SEISMIC.

Eurocomm munizioni is another italian factory that loads and selles this kind of shells. They use Fiocchi cases

I would like to have that file

A few US 8’s in my drawer

(I know there’s other junk in the photo besides some 8’s)

top right blue/purple hull is 100% powder as I understand a powder “transport” shell that would avoid an oppressive import/export tax on gunpowder but not imposed on “shells”…sound right to the experts out there ?

The shell I have is marked western super X . is that for Canada? and Winchester for US?

In 1932 Western, under John Olin’s leadership, bought Winchester.

They (Western) have continued to this day, to offer both brands here in the US & I’m pretty sure also offer complete product lines in Canada.

That said, these also might well have been imported to Canada by the end user - Dominion is probably not currently making them, or the price was right & worth the paperwork / shipping / duties.

Most of the current kiln / cement gun production is plastic cased. Your paper cased example may be 30 or so years old + / - 10 years or more.

In the 70s I worked at a paper mill. i used the remmington 8ga industrial to break up lime balls in the lime kiln. This gun had a water cooled barrel because it was inserted through a opening in the kiln head to fire into the kiln.