8 gauge winchester shells

Can anyone give me information on the development and production of 8 gauge/bore shells by Winchester?
For example:
Did they produce 8 bore shotshells?
When did they start and end?
What brand names did they use?
Did they export them (to England for example)?
Did WRA actually make 8 bore guns?

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Winchester Repeating Arms Company indeed made 8 gauge shotgun shells, both in brass and paper but as far as I know, only in empty cases, some primed. From 1877-1881 their XX marked brass shell was available in 8 gauge. From 1879-1884 an empty brown,paper case, head stamped “WRA Co” and “WINCHESTER” was available. In 1884 a black, empty paper with “WINCHESTER” for a head stamp replaced it until 1897. The longest running shell was a 1st quality brass, empty produced from 1878 to 1923, marked “WINCHESTER No 8”. Winchester also made, and perhaps still does, an industrial shell in 8 gauge but these have an enlarged ring above the rim to prevent them being loaded into firearms. I see them more commonly than I do sporting shells in 8 gauge.

I am not aware of any 8 gauge guns made by Winchester nor do I know anything about their export of ammunition to the UK during those years. This is what I know about the 8 gauge and most came from others, such as Ron Stadt and other IAA members. There could well be more information on your subject.

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Does any member have any 8 gauge Winchester shell for sale?

I will take a look when I get home, but I am positive I have a ‘Leader’ NPE in 8 gauge.

Oops! It was a ‘1901 LEADER’ in 4 gauge. The ‘1901 LEADER’ NPE was also made in 8 gauge. My 1911 WRA Co. catalog shows two smokeless 8 gauge ‘LEADER’ loaded shells. One with 5 drams bulk smokeless and 1-1/2 ounce of shot, and the other with 5-1/2 drams bulk smokeless and 1-3/4 ounces of shot. The 8 gauge ‘LEADER’ could also be had with 5 to 7 drams of black and 1-1/2 to 2 ounces of shot.

winchester.com/Products/indu … ducts.aspx

If anyone wants it, I have a PDF of the 2009 Winchester Industrial Catalog. It has pictures of 13 different 8 ga loads for Industrial use. Send me an EMAIL and I will send it to you. I can not post PDF’s to the Forum or to PM’s.