8" M106 (203mm) markings

I got my hands on a nice 203mm howitzer shell that need a bit of TLC. I’d like to restore it with the correct paint and marking but cannot find anything on the net.
does anyone have any links, website or scripture i can use to correctly stencile this round? i know th body is OD Gree mil-std FS 34087 with yellow markings but have no idea the size and location of the letters. I appreciate any help i can get. Thank you

The specifications can be found in TM9-1300-251-34 "Direct Support and General Support Maintenance Manual (Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List) For Artillery Ammunition For Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Recoilless Rifles and 40mm Grande Launchers. There is a 1975 edition with 17 chages incorporated to bring it current to 1987 available on line in Google Books.

The 8 inch Howitzer projectile M106 is on Page D-69.

Now, who has similar information for WW2 era marking specifications?

OK, it is in TM 9-1901, pg 203…

Marking is similiar, yellow on olive green, as follows “8 H; TNT; Lot xxxx; SHELL M106”

The ; are line seperators…do a google search for TM 9-1901 you should be able to find a free download…I have a better reference with nice color plates from WWII, but which actual TM/FM it is escapes me, and I cannot find it immediately on my computer…I can always check my printed copy at home…

I have a PDF copy of “TM 9-1901 Artillery Ammunition–1944” on my computer. I have no idea where I got it. I think this is the TM that PZJGR is referring to. It does have nice colored plates for 20mm to 240mm rounds.

Now we need the same info for WW-I projectiles for both the Army and Navy.

I knew i could get to the right answer by asking IAA and as usual you all delivered. I’ll post some pics as soon as i’m done. Is there a particular brand or shade of yellow i need to use for the markings? thanks

I generally use Testors model paints to repaint projectiles…plain ol’ testors yellow would be fine…

A good quality color scan of TM 9 1901 is available here:

scribd.com/doc/82779792/TM-9 … Chapter-01

scribd.com/doc/82775489/TM-9 … Chapter-02

scribd.com/doc/82806123/TM-9 … Chapter-03

scribd.com/doc/82808015/TM-9 … ters-04-05