8 mm A.B. and 40 super

I saw this cartridges listed in the A zoom snap caps list of production.

What is the 8 mm A.B.? Do the letters stand for “Auto Bond”?
Any info about this cartridge?

Is the 40 Super identical in its outside look to the 40 SW such as the 45 Super vs the 45 ACP?


.40 Super is roughly a necked down .45 Super/.450 SMC.

Thanks,so it should be identical in its outside dimensions to the 400 Cor Bon…

They are not interchangeable. I believe that the .40 Super case is longer than the .400 CorBon. The .40 Super also has a small primer pocket.

Pivi - the 8mm Snap cap is the standard 8mm Blank/Gas cartridge that is popular in Europe. Fiocchi makes blanks of this caliber. I have the A-Zoom in my own collection. I can’t imagine why they made them, unless they sell them in Europe. The pistols are not widely used in the U.S., and even if they were, who needs snap caps for a blank gun?

I don’t know what the letters “A.B.” in your inquiry (and evidently their catalog) stand for. The cartridge in question has no headstmap, unlike most A-Zoom rounds. I suppose what was left of the head after the plastic “primer” is inserted didn’t leave room for a headstamp. There 6.36m/m (.25 Auto) snap caps are unheastamped as well.


That’s because I didn’t know the meaning of the letters A and B but maybe they could stand for Auto Blank.