8 mm flobert info needed

I would like to have info about the 8 mm Flobert cartridge,if possible some pictures and dimensional data too


Hello Pivi,
These are the dimensions I have.

8mm Flobert
inch mm
Caliber/Bullet Diameter: 0.314 8.0
Rim Diameter: 0.390 9.9
Base Diameter: 0.339 8.6
Neck Diameter: 0.334 8.5
Case Length: 0.354 9.0

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Thank you!
In Italy is very common the 8 mm CF,a cartridge very similar to the 9 mm Flobert (shot load).Actually there are 3 variations of the basic 8 mm case:
2 are primed with a small pistol primer and a 6,45 mm primer and the third is primed with a 6 mm flobert blank cap.
(if you enter into an italian gunshop asking for some 8 mm cases the seller would ask you “the CF or the RF one?”)

Due its similarities with the 9 mm flobert and the use of a 6 mm flobert cap,the 8 mm CF is often called 8 mm flobert but evidently it is not a flobert cartridge nor the 8 mm flobert too

Hi Brian,
Could you post a picture please?
Indeed Iam wondering what you call 8 mm Flobert.

can you post a drawing of the 8 mm flobert shotshell?

can you post a drawing of the 8 mm flobert shotshell?[/quote]

Sorry, I can’t.

Because, at my knowledge, it doesn’t exist.

Ehmm… so what is the 8 mm RF described in your web site?
Another 8 mm cartridge or the RF version (primed with a 6 mm flobert blank cap) of the 8 mm CF?

[quote=“Pivi”]Ehmm… so what is the 8 mm RF described in your web site?
Another 8 mm cartridge or the RF version (primed with a 6 mm flobert blank cap) of the 8 mm CF?[/quote]

Hi Pivi!

it is not a Flobert for sure.
It an italian one, but now I doubt.
Indeed I sent three e mails to the factory which advertised it but they never answered me !

Here is what I have been told about the 8mm “Flobert”. In John Barber’s “The Rimfire Cartridge” he list it as 8mm/32 BB and also list it as a foreign cartridge. I got the second one shown here from John. He called it a 8mm Flobert.

Both are unheadstamped. Dimension as follows:


Rim 0.361" 9.16mm
Base 0.316" 8.03mm
Neck 0.316" 8.03mm
Blt 0.318 " 8.09mm
Case Lgt 0.382" 9.70mm
Total Lgt 0.523" 13.29mm

Rim 0.363" 9.21mm
Base 0.318" 8.09mm
Neck 0.318" 8.09mm
Blt 0.320" 8.15mm
Cs Lgt 0.387" 9.82mm
Total Lgt 0.539" 13.68mm

Charles Suydam also list a 8mm Flobert/32 CB in his book " The American Cartridge". He states “It is possible they are European 8mm Flobert Balls, although that calibre is not commonly loaded.”
“Powdertin” could probably fill us in on the details next time he’s on line.


hello paul
Your round is a 32 RF, not a 8 mm Flobert.
Easy to remember: 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 mm are the only Flobert calibers.

I am not at home to check, but if I remember well, for SFM manufacturing:
On most of the Flobert ctges you have an hstp.
On most of the RF (30, 32, Spencer aso) you have no hstp.

I have a 8 mm Wth a GC intertwined labeled as a protector, which was a french type palm pistol could this be the confusion with the 8 mm flobert? I was later told it was the same cartridge as the 32 protector. It looks like a rimfire but has an internal centerfire. the headstamp is {8 mm protector cal 8}

I have some 8 mm cartridges for palm pistol (tribuzio,galuois,protector) but they are smaller than the cartridges pictured above.

The cartridges pictured above look very similar to 32 Extra short RF ones

I agree with Pivi they could be 32 Extra Shorts. The only thing I was basing the 8mm on was John Barber’s and Charles Suydams’s books and comments. (They did list them as 8mm/32’s.) I know John Barber did extensive research on all USA rimfire manufacturers.

All the 32 Extra shorts I have are headstamped and all but two have case lengths greater than those pictured but that doesn’t mean these not 32 X-Short’s.

None of my 32 XS have bullets similar to the two pictured (All of mine are US or Canadian manufactured with the exception of one by Eley.) I tend to agree with Barber and Suydam the two pictured are not US manufactured. If these are 32 Extra Shorts who else made them?