8 mm Lebel

Enclosed are pictures of a French 8 mm Lebel,
so far so good. I have and have seen several of this, but this is the only one with
this fairly massive headstamp.
Does anyone with good knowledge of this round or on HS in general see
the meaning behnd all the letters and can explain?
6D7595E6-18D5-4C59-B39E-B36C4871167B 21415721-826D-4A8F-9DCF-4BB2EA0EEB83

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According to the books “Culots de Munitions Atlas”, by S.Jorion and P. Regenstreif and “Les Cartouches 8 mm Lebel”, by J.Huon and A.Barrellier, this is what your headstamp means.
ART= Artillery Directorate, D= bullet type “D”, 1= first quarter, 16= 1916, A.VE.= Atelier de Construction de Valence, BS= metal supplier Atelier de laminage de l’Ecole de pyrotechnie

Thank you, Vidar!
Truly impressed