8 mm Mauser "Special"

There was a thread on this sometime ago that I was unable to locate. As I recall, no reason was found for this listing in a Remington Arms catalog of about Mid-1930’s.

Well, as I continue with my U.M.C. and Remington-UMC cataloging project, I have found the answer in the 1923 catalog.


See also JOURNAL # 456, page 49.


Ray–Yes, I discovered the next day after I posted the above that the reason I could not find the thread on the Forum was because it was in the IAA Journal, not the Forum. The original question was in Journal #454 Pg. 29 with a follow up of the same information as I posted above in #456 as you said.

Ron - I was going thru #456 looking for something else when I came upon that page with the 8mm Mauser Special. I then remembered your Forum thread, put two and two together and got four.

It seems that everytime I look at one of the back issues I see something that I missed the first time around. And I read EVERY page.


Ray–Yes, I know what you mean. I have read EVERY page of the Journal starting with Issue 1 No. 1 in 1955. But I can not tell how many times while I am searching for a piece of information and I am leafing through (Yes, I have paper copies of every issue) back issues, even if only 2-5 years ago, that I see something I had forgot ever reading. It is even worse now with the Forum. I often, as in this case, get confused (an almost perpetual situation these days), between if I read in on the Forum on in the Journal.