8 mm Nambu

Can some one tell me the arsenal that made these 2 boxes and the date along with any other information.
Bob Ruebel

“Tokyo Army Ammuniton Plant” ( Star with Circle within)

Showa year month

14 year Type Pistol (?)“cartridges” (15 Pieces)

xxxx xxxx xxxx

second Label:
Same details, no “Showa indication”

Vertical Labels, Both indicate cartridge type ( “T.14 Pistol”,
Lot Powder etc. details, and finally,

"Showa 13.3 " ( March 1938) and “Showa 13.6” ( June 1938)

( Showa year 1 is 1926 ( Emperor confirmed in the Throne after Father ( Taisho)
died in 1924. TO convert Showa into Gregorian years, add 1925. Months are the same.

Somebody else may have a more exact translation…my scriptural (ordnance) Japanese is very sketchy.