8 mm Pieper Revolver Carbine?

In 1893, Mexico adopted both a revolver and a revolver carbine produced by Henri Pieper of Belgium. According to some sources, these were chambered for two different for proprietary cartridges of 8 × 41R mm (some sources say 8 × 37R mm, but this seems incorrect) and 8 × 50R mm (or 7.9 × 50R mm), respectively.

Most other sources (e.g. James Hughes’ Mexican Military Arms: The Cartridge Period, 1866-1967, 1968) indicate that both weapons were chambered for the same “8mm Pieper” cartridge.

Can anyone confirm either way? Does an 8 × 50R mm Pieper exist, or is this mislabelled? Which weapon(s) was it used with, if it is indeed real?

Hi Rougeadventurer.

A few years back, I got to see the three trial rifles that were submitted. I only got to see them from about 20 feet away and was not allowed to examine them at all.
The currently reside in the Wilson collection at RMC, Royal Military Colledge, at Kingston Ontario.

If you contact them, they may be able to help you or put you in touch with the collection curator.


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8x50R Pieper Revolving Rifle lot 617 of our sale 8.

This pair of 7.65 or 8x50 R Pieper revolving rifle are both headstamped ‘ F / N/ * / */ ‘, have brass primers, brass cases, and CN-jacketed round nose bullets, however one uses punch crimps, and the other a taper crimp.


The Mexican contract Pieper carbine is chambered for the 50 mm case variant and the revolver for the shorter variant with 41 mm case length. Cylinder of the revolver is also shorter.



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you mentioned: (some sources say 8 × 37R mm , but this seems incorrect)

Its not; there are several 8x37R Cartridges, and certainly the GR-and the UMC ones, where for this Revolver. The UMC one was besides the 8x41, also made in 8x37 and 8x30 lenght.
I have the drawings. In a french article there is the GR-one (as 8x37R) mentioned, also loaded with a lead bullet, instead the later made 8x41 with fmj…
Besides that, there is an unknown 8x37R Proof-round from Liege (EPREUVE LIEGE), which was an experiment (related or not related) to the Pieper rounds -but has “fatter” dimensions.
Pic and “box” here:


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Thank you all, very helpful indeed!

I included some brief information on the Pieper system and cartridges on p. 16, here:


Thanks again for the assist.

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