8 mm Ultra


Hello guys,
does anybody have (at least) the picture of 8mm Ultra (Geco 1934) box?
I have added recently this cartridge to my collection but can’t find much info about this caliber nor the picture of the box. (picture of my Ultra’s below)
Thank you





First time I ever see this 8mm round and you ask for a picture from the box!!! :-)

Great round, thanks for showing.



Nice Find.
On the 8mm Utlra by GECO picture are they a modern reproduction by GECO of Germany? or from the 1934 era, if 1934 era they are in GREAT condition…
Here is information I found on this caliber; " Introduced in 1934 by Gustav Genschow & Co. of Karlsruhe-Dulach for a pocket pistol with some Walther’s PP pistols chamber in it." per Brandt.Muller’s “Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges” Book .
Any picture of the box available ?


Both the headstamp and primer (Sinoxid) on the 9mm Ultra are 1930s vintage.

I have never heard of a box for either, but not my collecting area. The 8mm Ultra is a particularly rare item.




Thank you all… my pleasure to share the pictures.
Both shall be 1930’s originals.
Does anybody have at least the 9mm Ultra box picture? (the old one…not from 70’s or younger)


Thanks Trabi_Fun!
It is interesting to me, that they have different bullet jackets, one has 2 dots, and they are spelled ULTRA and Ultra. Very nice! Thanks for posting.


Is the 8mm a semi-rim?


Hi Alex,
yes, you’re right…it’s semi-rimmed.
Rim dia - 9.2mm
Base dia - 8.8mm
RGDS Tomas


Thanks Tomas!


There was a plain box in the crime lab, ones filled with 24 cartridges (one missing), from which where 19 rounds fired to obtain ballistical data…what a shame for the collectors…
Here the ballistic data obtained by this occassion…
see pic of data sheet from Ex-DDR Crime lab



In my opinion, while the collecting community doubtless will feel a painful loss, History of Technology has gained extremely valuable hard facts (due to being measured by professionals) about this obscure cartridge.


Jochem, while understanding your point I wonder if it really takes 24 rounds to establish the average Vo and other data as the ballistics of this round hardly matter that much to the rest of the world.
Otherwise it would imply that we also should do crash tests with 100 year old cars (of which less than 100 do exist) to find out their performance in this regard.

But my remark here shall not be the start of a lengthy discussion of the pro and con as it is all opinions only and as we all know everybody has one and is entitled to.


Peter, thx for posting. Interesting info.
RGDS Tomas


Verschossen wurden 19 !! Patronen (nicht 24 extra erwähnt), bzw nur 17, weil 2 eben zerlegt wurden für Einzelteilmessungen und 1 Schnittmodell.
Das sind gar nicht soviel Patronen zur Ermittlung von Gasdruck und Geschwindigkeit.Bei älteren Patronen gibt’s grössere Schwankungen, als bei “Neufertigungen”

There where not 24 rounds fired (read the text)
There where 19 Cartridges missing from 24 and of that 19 where 2 taken apart to get one Cut and one for measurements- Both (cut and pieces) and the rest of the box are still there…)
A number of 17 shots for establishing velocity and pressure is not that high…
Go and look ones into the ballistic lab of RUAG or S&B…