8" Naval shell caseing?

"…8 in./55 Mark 71 gun mount. This Major Caliber Lightweight Gun (“MCLWG”) … USS Hull(DD 945) was its test ship for seagoing trials, after which it was expected that several of these guns would be installed on board destroyers of the new Spruance class. Hull’s eight-inch gun began firing tests in April 1975. These lasted into the following year, and were reportedly successful. The ship carried the Mark 71 mounting during her 1976-77 twelfth and 1978 thirteenth Seventh Fleet deployments to the Western Pacific, and conducted more firing tests during that time. However, the MCLWG project was cancelled in 1978. " (Military.com)

During the last year of this test program I watched hundreds of fired cases from this gun walk off the Hull’s brow in the hands of grinning sailors! Apparently, they were no longer needed and crew members were allowed to keep them as souvineirs. I was never able to hoodwiink anyone out of one!

Has anyone ever come across any of these cases?

I will ask around for you on my end to see. Sounds like a cool case.