8 x 50 Mannlicher question

This Hungarian round has the headstamp AH 43 (the AH is in monogram) in White & Munhall on page 188 and in Hogg on page 54 this headstamp type is shown segmented and with stars and earlier dates , which was dropped in 1943 on this steel cased round, can anyone please tell me why this was . thanks Randy

By the time Hungary was making Steelcased (8x50R and 8x56R) ammo, the cost and time required for making a segmented Bunter was such that they opted for a simple 12-6 O’clock Layout.
A Lot of headstamps were simplified this way, even the US simply ground the “3” off a 43 Bunter for use in early 1944. (and again in 1955, with a 54 Bunter).

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

An oddity I noted in my Hungarian 8m/m 31M cartridges was that the AH 1943 steel case lacked the radial lines, while the 1944 brass case from the same facility had them. Also a 1944 brass case from LM lacked the lines. The pattern was a little murky. JG

Thanks for the good info guys Randy